Monday, February 8, 2010

Faith in a Religion

To begin, I would just like to say this blog is a smorgasboard of random thoughts and such, hence, "Blither and Blather". Onto the real information!

I was sitting around listening to music and being quite the deadbeat when I had a sudden revelation. While I was hanging out with my friends a few certain periods of time ago, one of my friends (he will go un-named) confessed to me he is an atheist and he does not want to continue with the Christian faith unless he either finds or is given some evidence to Intelligent Design (ID) or anything of the sort. I responded by asking him if he honestly believed that homans would be able to find evidence that a higher being, God, created us. If humans were to truely find that evidence, would we not be equal to God, and become "gods" ourselves? I also asked him that, if he is right, does he truely believe he would cease to exist after death? In the Christian faith, after death, there is two places a soul can go: heaven or hell. The only way to get into heaven is to truely believe that Jesus, the Son of God who came to earth in human form, died as a sacrifice for all of humans and their sins. Failure to believe in this act means that the soul goes to hell.

Anyways, my friend replied that he does believe that we will cease to exist after we die. I relied by asking, "What if you are wrong?". His reply was that if he is wrong, he is wrong and he will "burn eternally in Hell". He then restated his position that he would gladly believe in Christianity if logical evidence is provided.

Well I soon was forced to leave (schedule-cramp) and after finishing several boring, time-consuming chores, I was finally able to relax, sit back, and listen to some tunes whilest reading a book. My mind, however, was constantly drifting and kept going back to mi amigo and his religious beliefs (or should i say belief in no religious beliefs?). After thinking for sometime, I realized the key component to our conversation, and furthermore any religion, is faith. (That was my great revalation, BTW.)

It may not seem so significant or world-changing, but think of it this way: you have a faith in Christianity, and you believe all of my big spill back at the end of paragraph 2. Without this faith, what will happen? You will eventually be in Hell. This applies for any religion. Because the constant question is "What if this belief is wrong, and I am punished by whatever deity or higher being is the head of (insert religion of your choice here)? This is where the keyword "FAITH" come into play. Because without faith, you lack any sort of stock in any religious belief (if that isnt stated right, my B). So, whether or not complete and logical evidence is out there for any religion (or lack thereof), faith will always be a key factor.

Thanks for reading my complete mess of thoughts!